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When it comes to buying heating oil for residential use, Fioulmarket provides homeowners with an easy and affordable online ordering solution.

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One of the most competitively priced suppliers in the market, Fioulmarket offers heating oil at the best rates, enabling homeowners across France to heat their homes for less.

Affordable heating oil, just a click away

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Finding heating oil at a reasonable price can be a tricky business. A subsidiary of the TotalEnergies Company, Fioulmarket has been revolutionising the market with a cost-effective solution since 2012, giving homeowners an easy-to-use platform for buying heating oil online.

At the click of a button, you can easily order your next Fioulmarket delivery online – and save money along the way. With each order, you can save between 20€ and 50€ per 1,000 litres of heating oil purchased. The larger the amount ordered, the lower the price: for example, purchasing 2,000 litres of heating oil at once is 150€ cheaper than choosing four individual deliveries of 500 litres.

With a fleet of 1,200 delivery trucks and 350 depots in France, Fioulmarket relies on the biggest national distribution network to supply homes across the country. While our mission is to offer high-quality heating oil at the lowest rates, all our prices are final at the time of purchase, meaning there are no hidden surprises or additional costs at delivery.

How to order online on


With Fioulmarket, you can order your heating oil 100% online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply go on and enter your postcode to find the current heating oil rate for your area. To help you identify the most economical time to buy heating oil, we update our prices for regions across France on a daily basis on our website. You can also sign up for price alerts, which will notify you when the cost has dropped to, or below, your target amount.

Once you’re ready to order, Fioulmarket allows you to select a delivery date within two to five days in convenient half-day slots. For purchases above 250€, you can choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard in up to four instalments. Whichever option you go for, your account won’t be debited until the heating oil has been delivered to your home. Ordering heating oil online has never been this easy.

Delivery from your nearest local depot

Working with a network of 350 depots across all regions of France, Fioulmarket keeps heating oil costs to a minimum by reducing logistics-related fees.

Once your order has been placed, your purchase details will be forwarded to one of six regional TotalEnergies distributors, who will arrange for the delivery to be made from your nearest local supplier within two to five days. On your selected delivery day, a truck from our 1,200-strong fleet will be sent from the local depot, supplying other customers in the area according to a pre-planned schedule. This helps to ensure the best possible rate at all times, while minimising the impact on the environment.

Please note that we don’t deliver to Nièvre, Lozère, Haute-Corse and Corse du Sud.


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We have customer representatives that can speak English and assist English customers. Please call us on +33 9 72 72 20 21 (service gratuit + prix appel / free service + normal price of a call).


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