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Publié le 02/10/2017 à 14h05

Fioulmarket is the leading company for heating oil delivery in France. Since 2012, our website have provided oil for boilers at the best price. Many English speaking people have a house in France using heating oil, we provide them with fuel.

How to order heating oil in France ?

Hello Fioul

Even if our website is in french, our customer service is ready to answer a phone call in English.

“Hello Fioul Market, I have a house in France, how can I order some heating oil ?”

Our services only need a few information for a heating oil order in France:

  • A zip code / city

With the zip code and the city name, we can provide you with a quotation i.e a price per liter.

  • An address

Our truck drivers need to know exactly where they have to deliver the heating oil. Customers also have to mention their houses’ specificities. If the road to the house is narrow, or if the fuel tank is hard to access. Those informations are important: our team and logistic partners can adapt their logistic.

  • A volume

The ordered volume has an impact on the price and the delivery. The more heating oil is ordered, the less expensive it is.

  • An e-mail address

We ask for an e-mail and a phone number in order to contact the customer, send information regarding the delivery and the bill.

How can I order heating oil in France?

Have troubles understanding french?

We have customer representatives that can speak English and assist English customers.

Please call us on +33 9 72 72 20 21 (service gratuit + prix appel / free service + normal price of a call)


n.b : Please bear in mind that our truck drivers will not be able to call you on a foreign number if ever they have difficulties to access your home.


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