The best heating oil prices in France

Évolutions et tendances des prix moyens du fioul

Publié le 25/07/2019 à 15h33

Heating oil prices change daily, depending on time of year, demand and delivery location. Fioulmarket allows you to keep on top of market fluctuations and find the best heating oil rates in your region.

The best heating oil prices in France

On, homeowners can follow current heating oil prices across France, updated according to the market. From daily price alerts to useful regional overviews, the platform is designed to bring simplicity into buying heating oil – despite the unpredictable nature of the market.

What’s the current heating oil price in France?

In the past year, the cost of heating oil in France has seen great fluctuations, rising to a high of 1,031€ per 1,000 litres in October 2018, before dipping as low as 885€ per 1,000 litres in January 2019. At the beginning of this year, the price went up steadily, but has again been falling since April 2019. As of June 2019, the national average rate has been just above 900€ per 1,000 litres, currently standing at 912€ per 1,000 litres (national average, week commencing 17 June 2019).

With Fioulmarket, you are guaranteed to find the best heating oil prices in your area, whatever the season. Simply visit our website, select your region and compare regional price evolutions over the last three months. You will find that our Fioulmarket rates across the country are generally 29€ below the national average for 1,000 litres.

What’s the current heating oil price near me?

Heating oil rates vary greatly by region and department of the country, with prices depending on whether or not a location is close to the necessary logistics infrastructures. Homeowners living within proximity of a heating oil supply area are likely to pay less than those living at a greater distance.


On, we display a useful map of France, showing the price fluctuations from region to region, and department to department. According to our latest overview for 18 June 2019, the three least expensive French regions for 1,000 litres of heating oil are Île-de-France (861€), Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur (871€) and Hauts-de-France (877€). On the other hand, the three French regions with the highest average heating oil rates are Pays-de-la-Loire (905€), Occitanie (913€) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (924€). In the departmental overview, the least expensive department for 1,000 litres of heating oil is Bouches-du-Rhone (835€), and the highest-priced department is Haut-Vienne (962€).

What’s behind the cost of heating oil in France?

There are numerous factors impacting the cost of residential heating oil, such as petrol prices, taxation agreements, distance of transport and demand. Many of these factors – especially market demand – are dependent on the seasons and the weather, with heating oil prices generally rising in the colder winter months.

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A large proportion of the heating oil price is tax-based. The TICPE (Taxe Intérieure de Consommation sur les Produits Énergétiques) is an annually determined tax on petrol and energy products that is subject to VAT (20%). Since its introduction in 2014, the TICPE has been rising year on year, which has led to a steady climb in heating oil prices. 

Brent is the leading global price benchmark for crude oils, used to price most of the world’s internationally traded crude oil supplies, including heating oil. The price of Brent crude oil is used as a reference on global financial markets, especially those of Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean region. Around 66% of global petrol and heating oil prices are determined by fluctuations in Brent crude oil prices.